Bits Of My Weekend

new rug
bargain pretty
back in the saddle
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After sharing a billion photos last week, I decided to give my camera a break for most of this weekend. It was a rather low key, taking care of business kind of weekend, full of errand running and obsessive cleaning, freelance projects, a haircut (bangs again!) and even making some jewelry. Saturday night I did manage to fancy myself up and met Krista in Hollywood for some Brazilian food and Emily Henderson’s Secrets From A Stylist premiere party. I put a lot of faces to names there (like Ms. Brick House herself!), but mostly felt pretty out of my element and it was so crowded I probably missed a lot of bloggers I might have known. Emily has such a great personality and style that I’m sure the show will be pretty fantastic. I don’t have a TV so I’ve yet to see it! Sunday my grandparents came to town just in time to see the shit show on the beach as the cops drive onto the beach at the drum circle to get everyone out, so I’m sure they think highly of my Venice lifestyle now:) Can’t believe it’s already Monday…


  1. says

    The bangs are cute! How often do the cops run the freaks off the strip? I was greatly amused by them while we visited there.
    ps – I ordered some Warby try-ons after your posts about them… buuut I gotta admit, not very impressed with my first five. I’m thinking maybe I tried the wrong ones. They look so cute on bloggers but not me! Haha.

  2. says

    i really love how you document your life, your pictures are a pleasure to look at. i also love your rug, it reminds me of a trip i took to ecuador a few years ago, i spent time in a ranch where the floor was covered in those rugs.


  3. J. says

    Gorgeous shots! Especially love the shot of the new rug with the yellow/grey bed. Would love to know where you found the gorgeous black and cream throw blanket at the foot of the bed?

  4. says

    oh, wendy – stealing my heart again. :)

    that bed shot makes me want to purge my apartment and only live with incredibly beautiful furniture (and art of course)…gorgeous bedding makes me swoon like nothing else!

  5. says

    I actually watched secrets of a stylist tonite on hgtv online, it was a lot of fun. there had been so much buzz about it on bloggerland that I couldn’t pass. I really enjoy your blog by the way. your pictures have carried me through moments of creative rut and you have inspired me to start a blog myself,

    also I had a question for you, why do you choose to go ad free? I’m curious. thanks.

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