Friday Bits

This week was busy and I’m happy for the weekend to be here. Last night we called the fire department to our building after smelling a terrible burning smell for hours, and they showed up, sirens blazing, firemen in full gear. It turned out that the source of the smell was a lit cigarette burning inside the container everyone puts their cigarette butts in on the front porch, and it smelled terrible because it was burning all the discarded filters, which they figured out after a long time of confused searching. The solution was a dose of water and a lot of grumpy head shaking. Talk about embarrassing. It reminded me of the time I called the gas company out to my apartment when I first moved to NYC, thinking there was a gas leak, when it was just that the pilot light in my stove was out because I’d never lived with a gas stove before. Phew, hello weekend.

1. Communal Table, a book about casual gatherings, looks good good good, but everything that Caroline and Lisa touch is good, so, duh.
2. Totem.
3. Orange Drinking In The Backyard. I love when Ryan shoots with his Polaroid.
4. Are you following P’s stories of her winter vacation adventure? Girl decided to up and head to Timbuck-effing-tu by herself for her break. I remember again why I love her so. I’ve never traveled anywhere alone, and don’t think I ever could. I can’t even go to the movies by myself.
5. Samantha Hahn’s Chanel print, which I posted about before and created a lot of inquiries, is for sale now!
6. I know everyone and their mother is posting about these, but the new Mociun necklaces are so, so lovely. I don’t own many delicate/dainty necklaces because I usually don’t often like them, but these are perfect, especially the gem necklaces.
7. Erica’s Dala horse mittens almost make me miss winter. Almost.
8. Kay Sekimachi is such an inspiration, and of course so is her studio space, photographed by Leslie Williamson. I so miss having a little studio area, one downside to this apartment.
9. And if I had a studio area, I’d fill it with these beautiful desk caddies Peg And Awl makes.

Have a great weekend, and happy new year!