Friday Bits

Shorter bits for a crazy week. I don’t even have anything interesting to say! Bah. I have a fun post coming on Monday that I’m excited for, so just come back then when I have more brain function.

In the meantime, this week’s goods:

1. Jamie and Cecelia make me daydream about summer babies, a dangerous daydream. PS. they also just opened up an adorable vintage baby clothes shop. I like those girls, I do. (best photo ever by RummyBears)
2. An old sweatshirt as a new cardigan. Brilliant.
3. Princeton, 1969, a year of great change.
4. Erin McCarty emailed me about her beautiful, crazy work just in time for this post.
5. A beautiful new shirt coming soon from Ermie, developed from a photo of the sky Jennifer took in Colorado.
6. Pretty imagery from the Japanese shop, Cinq. Do you spot the cat cookies? via the lovely new to me blog, Cotton-Hearted.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m looking forward to the Rose Bowl Flea Market and sleeping and sleeping and sleeping on our new mattress we decided is a valentine’s day gift to each other (mattresses are sexy, right?).