Friday Bits

I’m working from home today for a funny reason that’s a big downside to LA: I ain’t got no wheels. Will needs the car for important reasons, so I looked up how to take the bus to work. Oh, the hilarity. One and half hours, including a mile of walking, all to get me where I can drive to in 30 minutes. I’d brave this hilarity (I’m okay with buses and walking) if it weren’t for us having a half day today for Presidents Day weekend, so it’s just a pointless adventure. Luckily my boss understands my predicament. LA public transportation sucks, and it sucks even more on the West side of town. But in return I get sunshine and fruit.

1.  The Science Of Sleep. This movie is particularly dear to my heart because discussing how good it is was Will’s icebreaker to first talking to me back in our days of flirty courtship.
2. London – A Visual Diary. I’m trying to plan a trip to London in May for a very exciting reason, so this made me smile.
3. Hand Made Art Pop-Up Shop. If Abby’s involvement in Little Winter is any indication of how good this event will be, all you Texans need to check this out.
4. Beautiful scabiosa stellata pods.
5. Loving everything Clamlab makes, especially these mugs. Must get my hands on these beauties (literally). via Modish.
6. Extremely fun hair and makeup at Jeremy Scott that circa 1999 raver Kate would have killed for.
7. “You know what? Kimmy Gibbler was actually kind of cool”
8. I know Toast is like posting crack for lifestyle bloggers, but I’m in awe of the photos in their Early Spring catalog.
9. I need to tell you how obsessed I am with Henry James Bunman. I think you see why.

I have a three-day weekend and am toying with the idea of shooting film, so weekend bits will come Tuesday morning at the earliest! Have a great one, everyone.