Warby Parker 2011 Try-On

A couple weeks ago I was contacted by Warby Parker to see if I wanted to give their new 2011 collection a test drive before they were released. I don’t normally accept people sending me things, even just a test that I have to send back, but as you know I’m a huge fan of Warby Parker. I think their glasses are amazing, their prices even better ($95, and that includes prescription lenses), and their donate-a-pair for every pair you buy program is the icing on the cake. So naturally I fist pumped in the air and told them HECK YES! They sent me five of the 14 new pairs, and by looking at the rest I didn’t receive, I think I got the best pairs to try out. It was hard to take these photos because the demo lenses in the frames are not anti-reflective, so it was impossible to remove the reflections as I’m no pro with taking portraits!

clockwise top left: Begley, all of them + Begley, Sinclair, Owen, Preston (my ears are crooked and couldn’t handle this pair straight!), Winston.

The new collection focuses on more bold and vintage-style designs, something I think that the affordable eyeglasses market (is that even a market? ha) is severely lacking in. The moment I pulled the Begley out of the box, I threw another fist in the air – they’re exactly what I’ve been searching for but haven’t been able to find in a small enough stature for my face or low enough price to swallow. At first I wasn’t sure how I felt about the flat tops – but after trying them on I like the way the tops don’t go above my eyebrows, and it makes them even more unique. The Sinclair is a really nice shape too – a good pair for someone who wants a vintage style that’s interesting, but not too bold or hipster-y. If I didn’t love the Begley so much, I’d probably go for this pair, but they might be a little too average for my taste. The Winston is pretty great – a bit much on my face, but look awesome on Will (below) – I really want him to get a pair! The Owen is another good bold pair that would fit a girl with a larger face or guys, and the Preston is simple and a little thinner if you want something less bold.

Winston, Owen.

I think I’m pretty sold on the Begley style to get to alternate with my Fillmores. I love the new greystone color, but I think I’m going to get the whiskey tortoise because I think that color suits my coloring better.

Warby Parker 2011

Just as a note: Warby Parker is not giving me anything in return for this post, nor did they ask me to post this. I just think highly of their company and thought some photos would be fun for you to all see. Also, it will be a long time before I post this many pictures of my face with that unintentional smirky grin this huge again here, talk about stressful.


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    I wanted to order from them 2 weeks ago after another one of my friends talked really highly of them… but their business has blown up so much that they were out of stock on many frames I wanted to try on, and a bunch weren’t available for try-on because they were so low on supplies. It was a little disappointing! These styles are super cute, though. Maybe I’ll wait until their supplies are replenished and try again. Thanks for sharing :)

  2. says

    I love all of these! I bought a pair of Warby Parker’s a few months ago, after seeing you rave about them, and I couldn’t be happier. Their customer service was awesome and my glasses are great. I brag about them to everyone!

  3. says

    love, LOVE! you look great in every single pair, i will have you know!
    i love warby parker too, i need to get my butt to the eye doc and get a new exam, it’s been a while. thanks for reminding me!!! out of the ones i’ve tried on at home, i think i liked the miles best. :)

  4. says

    Thanks so much for posting this Kate. I have been thinking about ordering from them for some time now but decided to stop by their NY store next time I am there.
    The last photo is gorgeous. You made the right choice.

  5. Ariel says

    ack! i just sent in for a new home try on box and i have my eye on the begley style too. the fillmores i tried on just didn’t seem quite right. i still can’t believe its only $95, my oliver peoples were probably 3 times that and look the same as some of warby’s square frames. doh.

  6. says

    i love the warby parker glasses. what a pity, that they don’t ship to europe! i also love your blog and follow it since a few months. in my opinion the begley suits you the most.
    many greetings from good old germany, nora

  7. kate says

    I love them all! Especially the Winston on you!
    Also, are you wearing foundation? I am jealous. If so, what foundation do you use? I’m only asking because your skin is flawwwwwwlessssss.

  8. says

    It makes total sense that they would contact you & someone there is reallllllly smart about marketing! I love that they did this & endears me to them. I need glasses big time & not sure how to go about it all…so once I talk to my Dr. I am heading to Warby Parker. Thanks Kate.

  9. says

    Seriously, they all look great on you. You have a face for glasses. :) I’m so glad I found out about all these new styles. I just ordered my 5 free try-ons!

  10. says

    Wow! What a fantastic try-on. All of the frames look great on you; I especially like the Sinclairs, but agree that the Begleys are quite debonair.

    I must echo what other readers have said. I had such a great experience with Warby Parker and their customer service, I’m recommending them to everyone. I was a little bummed when I finally got my glasses, though– I waited 6 months for them (they were out of stock in the color I wanted) and now that they’ve arrived, I swear that they’re made differently from the pair I tried on. The arms fit longer, and they’re just too big for my head. They still look good, and I just can’t say how amazing the company is (seriously. I mentioned the customer service, but WOW). I’m glad that they’re doing so well!

    Thanks for sharing, Kate!


  11. kelly says

    seriously have i mentioned how stoked i am that you are perma-glasses-face like myself?! people always ask me why i don’t get contacts, like wearing glasses is too awful for them to comprehend.

    but i’m not stoked on how freakin cute every pair looks on you! i looked terrible in 90% of the warby frames! i’m jealous.

    and! i love that grey color.

  12. says

    I am oh so patiently waiting until my prescription gets renewed last month to get a pair of glasses … now that there are new styles, I am super torn on which pair I want! Bah!

  13. says

    All of those glasses look AMAZING on you. I ordered the Begely a soon as I got received news they added new styles – so happy and cannot wait to get them back with my corrected lenses (sadly, Warby had my lenses off center). But, totally worth the wait!

  14. says

    awesome. I heard they are launching sunglasses this summer. Fingers crossed.
    Also, love your lip color, do you remember what you were wearing?

  15. says

    I hope they know you are Warby Parker’s best spokesperson…I ordered the Colton frames from them about a year or so ago after seeing your blog post, and now love this company up and down, to everyone, all over the place. I’m excited about the new frames, and happy you consented to model them all for us.

  16. says

    gorgeous! you + the glasses. i have WP’s too but now i want a new pair.
    ps, loving your lip shade, too. what is it, if you don’t mind saying? or is it au natural?

  17. Julie B says

    They are lovely glasses. I might go with a different pair as there is a large gap at the top of the bridge and they interfere completely with your beautiful brow line, the top of frame should never sit above your brow (exceptions made for oversized sunnies). I help people find well fitting frames everyday and I think you could do better with the technical details of fit.

  18. says

    Thank you everyone for your crazy wonderful comments! It was pretty nerve-racking to post giant photos of my face, ha.

    kate – I wear MAC select moisture cover concealer, but no foundation. thank you!

    casey/heather – I’m wearing a tinnnnnny bit of covergirl lipstain – but just a little bit, it’s pretty close to my natural lip color.

    Julie – thanks for your honest input. I have to disagree because I think the other shapes cover my brows completely, so that’s why I like the round shape coming up higher. I feel like the pair I have now hides my eyes.

  19. says

    i love warby parker. i discovered them when you posted your first pair. and now you’re making me want to get a second pair. and to do the try-em-on first business too.

  20. says

    I thought both the Winston and Owen looked great on you! So did the pair you chose, too.
    I had longed for a pair of Warby Parker Huxley’s for 7 or 8 months before I finally got an eye exam done and ordered a pair just after Christmas. My husband still does not believe me that they were just $95 total.
    I bookmarked your blog, but I only stop by every once in a while. Perhaps I’ve never been by when you’ve had pictures of yourself up, but you look very strikingly similar to my childhood best friend, Haley. It somehow endears your blog to me more.

  21. Banton says

    The flat top of the Begleys just looks like a design mistake that slipped through. I picture the guy putting the cellulose-acetate blank under the stamper a little bit off position, and then when he sees he truncated it a little, saying, What the heck, why waste it? Polish it up and sell it. Hey, how about this: We’ll claim it’s specially designed that way to not cover your eyebrows. Yeah, one missing millimeter more of eyebrow exposure! Think they’ll buy that explanation? Let’s send some samples to a blogger and see if it works.

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