Art Benefiting Japan

This post needs no long, drawn out explanation. My heart aches for Japan, and I’m amazed by all the creative people out there right now donating their profits to the earthquake relief efforts, and proud of the blogging and creative community coming together like this. I rounded up my favorite 100% profit donation shops/items (because otherwise the list would be impossible to choose! There are countless people donating a portion of their proceeds as well), please feel free to leave in the comments others you know of doing the same.

1. Joseph O. Holmes print on 20×200
2. All sales at Yokomono Studio
3. All sales at Cake With Giants til Sunday
4. All sales in Mike Perry’s shop during the month of March.
5. W+K Help Japan Poster
6. Handmade For Japan Auction, March 24-27
7. Birds in the Bush print, by Susan Schwake at Working Proof Studio
8. Debbie Carlos raffle for any of her prints
9. All sales at Hilda Grahnat’s print shop

This is taking the place of Friday Bits because I’m taking a four-day weekend to spend quality time with my bestie who’s flying into town and I won’t have time before then to pull something together. No better time than now to spend time with those you care about that you don’t get to see very often, and thank your lucky stars that you get to. The earthquake has also made Will and I realize that we need to make an earthquake kit, stat. It’s been a long time since I made one.

Bits Of My Weekend won’t come til Tuesday, but that doesn’t mean you should stay away on Monday, because I have something very fun in store for you.

Take care, friends.