Bits Of My Weekend

at the edge
perfect spot
blooming reach
sun bathing

A simple, satisfying weekend. A sunshine-filled Saturday that started off with a very long walk around Venice, including the canals, which are rather magical. I picked out the house I wanted to live in. Now to break the news to the owners… Then we walked out on the pier and watched the surfers for ages, which is hypnotizing. Drove around listening to 2pac, letting the sun melt away all my stress. We ended the evening with Indian food and a movie with a friend, seeing a very strange Thai movie called Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives. The parts that were good were simply amazing, but I’m not going to lie – it was the slowest movie I have ever seen. There were scenes of people doing things like taking a shower or walking down a road that went on for so long I thought I’d jump out of my skin I was so restless in the theater. Therefore I’s day it’s worth a watch, but maybe not if you have ADD, and maybe wait for it to come out on DVD. The branding for the film is pretty fantastic, by the way. Anyway, now that Will works on Sundays, I have my jewelry making Sundays back, so you’ll be happy to know I set up a studio in our loft (I’m building a desk! More on that next weekend when I finish it) and got right down to business, which was perfect for a cloudy day. I’m officially legally ready to sell in the state of California, so I’m excited to get ready for a shop update, hopefully in the beginning of April! I really need to pay back my savings account for a new camera I bought (more on that once it comes!) and that plane ticket to London, so phew, especially need this one, ha!