Bits Of My Weekend

pretty brunch
pretty lady
a good day to sail
who invited him to the picnic?
warm cornbread with chicken salad
bittersweet tempura
cat buns
a new addiction
greenest green
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This may as well be titled “Bits Of My Weekend: Good Food I Ate”. I actually can’t think of anything I ate that sucked. Delicious food was had (click on the photos for more details if you’re drooling!), out and at home, with Will and with my old coworker Rebecca who I discovered is my neighbor. No epic adventures were conquered this weekend, I was in full jewelry sweatshop mode (stress mode), trying to get as much as I could get done before Andrea comes next weekend(!!). We did manage to go to an art opening on the east side, where we thought once again that maybe that’s a better side of town for us to be on. I love Venice, but it’s like an island out here. An expensive island no one will come visit! In other news, I started the 30 Day Shred a week ago per Andrea’s suggestion and it’s kicking. my. butt. Is anyone else doing it or done it before? I knew I was insanely out of shape, but had no idea to what degree. But! At the start I couldn’t even do a push up (shut up!), and now I can do a handful of ’em. While crying only a little bit. I gotta say though, I kind of like the way it’s kicking my butt, it’s a good kind of terrible feeling. Ha?