Bits Of My Weekend


breakfast table
a good man
ahhh shoe
pretzel sammy
gotta girl crush on andrea
besties know best
As close as can be

good people
nerd time

This weekend I was a jewelry making machine. I’m perfectly on schedule, so there will definitely be a shop update in two weeks! I got so much done this weekend it makes a case for barely leaving the apartment…ha. But I did manage to meet up with Andrea who was in town, and we kicked it on Abbott Kinney while I longed for her adorable haircut and outfit. Talk about girl crush. I also read good books, bossa nova’d myself out, played a lot of nerdy board games, drank a lot of wine, and made a lot of delicious meals from scratch.

As you may have noticed, I’m starting to put short little “moving photos” into Bits Of My Weekend – short videos to bring to life some of the photos. I hope you like them! I was using flickr, but it destroyed the quality, so I’m putting them on my vimeo account now.

ps. Happy Birthday, mom!