Friday Bits

I have to admit that I’ve been in a pretty crummy mood this week, maybe due to the gloomy weather we’ve had, or a few frustrations that caused me to miss NYC, or Adele on constant repeat (kind of a downer, those beautiful songs), or maybe there is no excuse and it just came along to make me appreciate weeks of good moods. So, I’m really looking forward to a weekend with a sunny forecast, brunch plans, and buying more plants. Monday Will said four magic works to me that made me remember why he’s the one for me: “We need more plants”. I suppose “you need more shoes” would be the ultimate observation, but I’ll take plants as #2.

Some internet goodies:
1. Beautiful handmade pottery by Ralph Nuara, via Danica’s Pinterest.
2. Between the rain and Molly Wizenberg’s awesome guide on Saveur, I’m quite homesick for Seattle lately!
3. An incredibly impressive, beautiful handmade shelf on six orange carrots, a great blog Lily introduced me to.
4. From Me To You (a name that constantly makes me do a double take, haha!) has been blowing my mind lately with her subtle animated gifs of fashion week. Between that and the amazing blog If We Don’t, Remember Me, subtle animated gifs are my favorite right now.
5. Ruth emailed me about her lovely jewelry made from coconut, which looks very similar to wood. Amazing!
6. Fieldguided totes are on sale for a cool $15! In related Fieldguidedness, Anabela and I are meeting in London for a little vacation together in May and staying with Vic. If this sounds insane, you are correct. We are crazy awesome insane. And we have never met in person before (I have met Vic before though!). I’m so excited I want to jump out of my skin just thinking about it. Fact: I have never been on a vacation before without a significant other or family member! One of my new year resolutions was to “Take action more”, to take more risks. I think this qualifies. Just do it. Step out of my comfort zone.
7. Speaking of Britain, British magazine Selvedge looks rather wonderful on Folkloric. Maggie is another person who makes me homesick for the Northwest!
8. The most incredible jewelry by FAUX/Real, via Renee, which is sold at Stand Up Comedy. Seriously, my heart started beating so fast looking at their line!
9. I love Olivia Bee’s series of photos of her friends’ bedrooms. It made me so nostalgic for my ridiculous teenage bedroom walls. My very no-rules parents let me draw and paint all over my walls, which makes it all the more cringe-worthy, yet still amazing, to recall in my mind. This girl pictured would have totally been in my crew of friends.

This was a ramble-y one, folks, thanks for reading! Have a fantastic weekend.