Friday Bits

lucky shot
morning table
morning readying
hide 'n seek

Instapaper, the place I save all of my links throughout the week, was down for maintenance while I was trying to put together Friday Bits, so I couldn’t do my usual thing here. Luckily I took some photos recently to document some typical moments of our mornings, my favorite time of the day. Mornings have changed for us drastically since moving here. I have never been a morning person in my whole life, we both used to stay up til 12 or 1 and get up with barely enough time to get ready and run out the door, but now we go to bed around 10 and get up with at least two hours to read, eat, and get ready nice and slow. Every Friday morning we get up extra early and walk to the farmers market, my favorite ritual and plus of living in this weather. I wish the mornings went on forever.

ps. the photo of Wendy was just a total lucky shot I caught while trying to photograph a rainbow on the wall behind her that the acrylic chair creates. She turned and yawned just at the right moment. I laughed so hard when I looked down at the photo I had just taken.

pps. Happy Birthday, Audrey Imogene! I told you to stop growing up, but you just won’t listen to me. I can’t believe you’re already two. My, how time flies. I can’t wait to see your mom next weekend, I will probably talk her into spoiling you rotten.

Have a great weekend, friends!

(I wrote this Thursday evening, but I now know this post might seem a little silly in light of recent events. Having been in an few earthquakes myself, I can’t imagine experiencing one so large in such a compact place. Being one is the scariest feeling of losing all control. Any easy way to help: text REDCROSS to 90999 to donate $10.)