Friday Bits

It was a short and hectic week for me, and the weekend won’t let up too much for me as I will be diving head first into JEWELRY MANIA 2011! I’m crossing my fingers for a jewelry update on April 10th if all goes as planned. Finding all the things I would buy for making jewelry and the packaging and such in NY here in LA has been a serious challenge! But I think I’m finally set. I will keep you updated on that release date and hopefully there will never be this long of a wait in between updates! 4 months?? Crimeny.

I am so terrible at keeping up with blogs the last few weeks! But a few goodies that have caught my eye:

1. Tuesday and Meg’s new blog, Studio Sweet Studio, is super duper awesome.
2. The latest collection from local brand Wren looks all kinds of amazing. Lots of watercolory goodness.
3. Rah and Rah makes beautiful jewelry, and I’m so in love with their branding.
4. Andrea’s looking smokin’ in her Black Market Baby storm cloak. Andrea sent me a Dusty Springfield song last week when I needed some entertainment. Who can deny the awesomeness of her? No one.
5. Matt from Wood & Faulk kills it yet again with another beautiful project – a camp axe sheath.
6. Project Runway winner Gretchen Jones released an amazing collection that I love every single piece of.

Have a good one, friends.