Advertising + a little more often

random old film photo to show you that I heart you guys and that I got nothin when it comes to visuals for this post.

You may or may not have noticed over yonder on the old sidebar that I have spots open now for little advertisements. Gasp! Some think that I am a die-hard no advertising activist, but in fact I just never thought it was for my blog or that I had the time to deal with it. It did take quite a long time to decide and I did take into consideration all the people I would offend with it as I do get emails from time to time thanking me for not including advertising on my blog. But, of course, in the end it’s my blog, and this is all part of something Kelly calls “making it happen“, which I like very much. Selling jewelry more often is also part of making it happen, and though I will not be quitting my job and moving into a penthouse (wait, do people enjoy living in penthouses?) after putting a few ads on my blog, it’s the step in the direction of building something for myself rather than flying by the seat of my pants all the time with the projects I involve myself in.

So if you’re interested in advertising, please email my new special email inbox advertise at and I will send you this super fancy pdf I made that I’m pretty proud of. I’m keeping a small, tight ship over there of only six ads starting May 1st.

On another note of making it happen, check back on this blog a little more often because I’m going to be posting just a little bit more often. Starting tomorrow is a new monthly guest series I’ve excited about, and my first guest is pretty awesome. I guess I just wanted to make that announcement because sometimes I go to post off-schedule and it feels odd.

Anyway, thank you for your un-ending support of For Me, For You, and let’s make this happen*.

* I actually have no idea what making it happen results in, but I hope it someday involves me never having to leave my pajamas, eating cheddar bunnies all day.

UPDATE: Thank you for all your awesome encouragement and love! I realized that I may have confused people with Kelly’s link that I’m leaving my job or working less. That is not the case at all, and I will in fact be busier now more than ever in perusing my side projects (blog, jewelry, etc) more. Sorry for the confusion! I hope this doesn’t mean people think I will respond to emails faster… haaaa.