Bits Of My Weekend

thread jars
Tina time
brave soul
Jaipur Julep
fancy friday
oh, is this your table where you eat?

lemongrass chicken & bell pepper
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A pretty low-key weekend. Clearly, good food was had, in our attempt to be people who are wise with their money and make more food at home. Errands were also ran, books were read, drinks were made, and a relatively smooth and almost therapeutic shop update went well, besides accidentally printing all of the shipping labels with my Queens return address on accident. Sorry if you bought something and got 18 emails about shipping. After a bit of yelling, angry tweeting, and possibly some pen throwing, things are all squared away now. I also saw a very old friend from high school who just moved here, and listened to so much José González while doing every single thing this weekend, I felt like I was in an indie drama where Gael García Bernal played my sexy boyfriend and we had a passionate, yet complicated relationship revolving around me running away from my troubled past. At least that’s the plot my brain cooked up…