Bits Of My Weekend

beach time

good things
no shampoo hair
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After a pretty stress-filled week or so, I forced myself to relax on Saturday – finished up Bossypants on the beach, finished Twin Peaks (to creep me out Will talks in the backwards voice, which I find the creepiest thing on the planet), read the insane pile of magazines that’s built up on our table (we only subscribe to two weekly ones, but damn), made homemade lip scrub and nearly finished my first week of no shampoo (this is how I’m doing it). Sunday was getting down to business day – placed a massive wholesale order of jewelry supplies (getting serious!), scheduled three blog posts and a guest post for someone else, made a dance mix (coming Wednesday!), sent out contracts for projects. Hot damn, it felt good, even if I did miss out on Easter candy. Any spare Cadbury creme eggs? I have a shameless love for them.