Guest Series: Bits Of My Weekend with Diana Moss

Hey friends, welcome to the very first installment of a new monthly guest series where I invite my favorite people from around the web to share their own Bits Of My Weekend! I’m pretty excited about this because there is some seriously endless talent and inspiration out there on the blogs I read. First up is one of my absolute favorite bloggers right now that I know many of you are also majorly in love with: Diana of Miss Moss! I was excited to have her because she rarely posts personal photos, but when she does, I can tell that her talents aren’t just with her impressive curatorial skills. Diana lives in South Africa, a place I admittedly don’t know as much about as I should, so I love seeing and hearing about it. How beautiful are these photos? I’m glad someone around here is getting out of their apartment. Onward!

From Diana:

Every year my entire family heads out to my parent’s holiday house in a little coastal town called Betty’s Bay for the Easter long weekend. I love this time of year because autumn finally arrives in South Africa – and there’s no better place to experience the change in season than being by the sea.

Also, you know, Easter = chocolate. There was so much chocolate. Which meant we had to balance it out by actually being active – going on plenty of bike rides, walking on the beach, trekking through the botanical gardens and scavenging for treasures in local vintage shops. But as soon as the weather turned we’d be drinking red wine, lying in front of the fire and falling asleep in the afternoon (classic holiday behaviour.)

The entire weekend could be summed up by those baboons we came across in the gardens – warming themselves in the sun, having a bit of a nap, getting a head scratch… It was kind of perfect, really.


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    i found diana’s blog through yours and i absolutely LOVE it! i am so glad you asked her to do this because it is a treat to see the environment she lives in!

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    Thank you so much for sharing those beautiful photos! I am constantly wishing I lived in South Africa, I even tried my best to live there for a year but unfortunately things didn’t work out. Glad I can catch this glimpse of what it might be like to live there someday :)

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    I love this peek into Diana’s world. I would love to travel there and skip right to autumn. My ideal vacation is at a beach house, but not in the heat of summer, and just relax. Thanks!

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    Yes, I can tell this is going to be an awesome feature. Diana’s Easter looks pretty sweet. I love both your blogs, so it’s great to see them in the same place!

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    Sweet, wish I was there… You guys are an inspiration. It’s nice seeing what creative people do on their time off – especially away from the keyboard!

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    I’ve had a few close friends travel to South Africa and love it there. :) I can’t believe baboons were in the garden, that’s amazing!

    Ps. I love PS bars from S Africa, soo nummy :)

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    So beautiful! Oh, I miss nature so much. I’m craving a walk in that forest or along that coastline. Looks like a magical weekend. Love this guest post series.

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    What a setting – wow. Love the mountains and the bike rides and the coffee – and the idea of falling asleep in the afternoon sunshine. Looks like a lovely Easter – thank you for sharing :-) So soo inspiring

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    i’m so glad everyone enjoyed these! sometimes i really take it for granted that we live in such an amazingly beautiful place (baboons included) – taking photos this weekend made me appreciate it so much more. thanks again for asking me, kate.

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