Shop Update Heads Up

The next shop update will be Sunday, April 10th at 12PM PST/3PM EST (just to be clear since I’m on PST now). This update is the classics only – just handwoven friendship styles – short chains and a few long chains, thick woven (as pictured above) and TONS of brass drops. A preview of everything that will be for sale will be up by Saturday at the latest – I’ll send an email reminder out to the newsletter subscribers – what’s in the shop now does not reflect the color choices that will be available on Sunday, there will be tons of different colors as I went a little crazy, not making a single handwoven necklace the same color.

And I promise shop updates will never be this far and few between again! In fact, I hope to have them much more often this year, if I can swing it.

*photo by William Steinman, a patient and helpful boyfriend.