summer feet
Old film scans I never uploaded. They’re kind of related.

Hey friends, I’m spending the rest of the week at a work retreat, so I’m cutting out early this week as scheduling posts beyond today’s is not in the cards for me. In case you email me, I probably won’t have email access until Saturday evening.

But here are two things of me elsewhere:

– Guest post over at Miss Moss on things I like right now. My favorite blog right now, so I was pumped when Diana asked me to contribute, natch. Who doesn’t want to read about me casually mentioning that I want to put kittens in my mouth? No one.

– Shoulda mentioned this earlier, but hey! Stuff! Wendy has a guest post over at Lola is a Beauty, where all you obsessive Wendy fans can get your fix. Is it too far to write a guest post entirely about your cat? No way, that blog rules and so does that series.

See you next Monday!