Weekly Music

photo by me

I’ve probably made it clear by now that I’m a huge fan of cover songs, so I thought it was high time to make a mix of some of my favorites. This mix is a little chill and leans on the ladies, but I like it on this cloudy morning. I’d love to hear what you favorite cover songs are too, as I love finding ones I haven’t heard of. It was actually kind of hard digging through all of my music finding them and remembering, so I’m sure you’ll bring some up I forgot about that I’ll be kicking myself for.

1. Au Revoir Simone – Oh! You Pretty Things (David Bowie)
2. Taken By Trees – My Boys (Animal Collective)
3. Cat Power – I Found A Reason (Velvet Underground)
4. Adele – Lovesong (The Cure)
5. The Books ft. Jose Gonzalez – Cello Song (Nike Drake)
6. Neko Case – Runnin Out Of Fools (Aretha Franklin)
7. James Blake – Limit To Your Love (Feist)
8. Susanna And The Magical Orchestra – Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)