Weekly Music

I’ve decided to turn Music Monday into Weekly Music as Monday it’s already enough work to pull Bits Of My Weekend Together.

José González – “Teardrop” – I’m really loving José lately, especially his covers (Heartbeats is another goodie), and this was probably my very favorite Massive Attack song back in the day.

Did I ever properly express my love for Adele here? 21 was on repeat so much a few weeks ago I almost threw up, but I took a break and now feel ready to listen to it again. “He Won’t Go” is my favorite song on the album. The beat is amazing, and the part where there’s a pause before the beat starts up again brings shivers down my spine. I love driving while singing this song, like I’m in a music video.

I got my grubby paws on an advance copy of Fleet Foxes new album, Helplessness Blues, due out soon, and I think “Lorelai” is my favorite song on the album. I had forgotten how many of Robin’s babies I wanted to have til I heard this song.