A few things

Questions I am asked often lately, that I decided should get their own post.

1. What nail polish are you wearing?

butter LONDON

I recently ordered two polishes from butter LONDON. I’d been wanting to for quite some time now, but Mackenzie’s post about how great it was sealed the deal. I ordered Jaffa – a bright coral and Tea With The Queen – a medium beige-y pink. Both are excellent, go on nice and smooth, and last long. They’re pricey, but worth a fun splurge. The packaging is great too. I think they’d make a great gift for a polish-obsessed friend.

2. How was Bossypants?????!!!!

Tina time

You guys are stupendously interested in my thoughts on Bossypants. I get it. Tina is one of our heroes and y’all want it to live up to your expectations! I liked it, I did. It was funny, and the chapter on her dad killed me, I loved the parts about Lorne Michaels, and I LOVED how she gave shout-outs to the 30 Rock writers and what her favorites jokes were they wrote for the show. How great is that? But. (Oh no, a but!) I didn’t think it was that amazing, and it took me roughly 30 minutes to even recall what parts of the book I liked just now. It didn’t need or attempt to be life changing, but it’s already exited my mind completely. I also am ever so slightly bummed at the way Tina makes fun of herself all the time, as if she is this frumpy old mom. This is a very tiny issue I have with 30 Rock and her Liz Lemon character that occasionally gets old for me. I mean, she’s not your standard Hollywood definition of beauty, but girl is a knockout! But even still, I love her to pieces, and I do recommend it as a read, especially if you’re in need of a lighter, easy read.

3. How is no shampoo going?

While I know that it’s going to take more than the nearly three weeks I’ve given it, I admit that I’m feeling slightly defeated. My hair feels GROSS. I even switched from Dr. Bronners to baking soda as it was making my hair feel like straw and that made it worse and now it’s incredibly greasy. I added a white vinegar + water rinse before everything and that did nothing. So I recently bought some dry shampoo so I can actually wear my hair down, as I have been rocking braids in every way possible for at least a week now. My hair is incredibly thick and gets greasy fast, so maybe I just need more time. I’m not giving up yet! The encouragement is helping.

PS. If you’re in London, don’t forget that the opening for Other People’s Houses is tonight at 6! Right now, as you read this, I am in London, probably so jet lag that Anabela thinks I’m mildly mentally challenged.