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Other People's Houses
Other People's Houses
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Hello friends, I’m back from London – semi- functioning, a lot poorer, but full of goodness. I only snapped a couple digital shots because it was hard enough to finish two rolls of film in just a few days, so this is all I got til tomorrow. London is fantastic – so very much like NYC, but a bit more organized and polite (well ok, not the streets, you guys need some effing street signs, okay?). Vic was an amazing, amazing host who I cannot thank enough for putting on a fantastic show, putting us up, and taking us around for days. Anabela, as expected, is amazingly sweet and we clicked instantly like old friends. When I went through customs the agent asked me how I knew the people I was staying with and I had to hesitate for a second, stopping myself from saying “the Internet” because not many people can understand how okay that is in my book! I’ll tell you all the rest tomorrow, I can’t even explain to you the jet lag I am experiencing.

In other news, I have a guest post up at A Desert Fete about Seattle and one on the Teenage film blog about me as a teenager!

And thank you to Andrea for the lovely Friday Bits. I can always count on her for a top-notch guest post.