Bits Of London: Part 2

delicious bokeh
Labour & Wait
Top of the pops
Albion rooftop
east side
borough market
borough market
borough market
St. Ali
St. Ali
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London made me miss NYC immensely. Everywhere I turned I was reminded of New York. But it also had that undeniable distinctly English feel that NYC doesn’t have, which I loved. I was struck by how incredibly well dressed everyone was, especially men, and the fashion sense that I think I may have liked even more than in NYC. Things I don’t encounter much these days in Venice! It helped me think more about what I need in the city that I live in.

I didn’t take any photos of the opening, as I was so jet lag and zombie-fied that evening that I didn’t even bring my camera with me, but luckily Anabela took some amazing shots that you can see here. I met so many great people on the trip – including Brian, Claire, Elle, Siobhan, and a few blog readers that introduced themselves. A special thanks to Zoe for bringing me an incredibly sweet card and warm welcome. I was overwhelmed by everyone’s kindness and my inner thoughts had a British accent up until this morning.

Last part coming tomorrow!