Bits Of My Weekend


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Hey look, guys, we left the house this weekend! Amazing. I didn’t take the best photos because I was preoccupied with doing things for once. My mom and I lived up to the promise of shopping til we dropped, in the 85+ degree weather, and on Sunday Will and I went downtown to the Geffen to see the Art In The Streets show, which was surprisingly good for how skeptical we both were. Seeing Margaret Kilgallen’s work in person? Be still, my heart. We ate ramen and then went home and laid on the beach til the drum circle was decidedly too obnoxious to handle. I made a crappy little video of the boardwalk, as I don’t think some people quite get what it’s like right outside my door. (I didn’t upload it in time to wait for vimeo processing, sorry for the horrendous flickr video quality!) All in all, a very satisfying weekend.

I leave for London in two! days! But fear not, I have a couple posts scheduled and a guest blogger on Friday handling Friday Bits. I’m going to set an obnoxious auto reply on my email because I really want to avoid touching the internet while I’m gone. I need a little break!

P.S. How about them brand spakin’ new sponsors over yonder? I’m so lucky to have such wonderful people supporting me, and I’m happy to support them as well.