Bits Of My Weekend

topanga canyon peak
blue moon

church & state
forced cuddling
in the works
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A pitcher of margaritas (bad/great idea), Topanga Canyon (another world), PF Changs with the fam (my suburban fill), The Brick House sale (chair score), Church & State “church on Sunday” meal (empty pockets), plowing through The Hunger Games (getting better!), and bracelet making (yet, bracelets).

A good, way too fast weekend, but I want to address something else quickly about my post on Friday about traveling. Because the possibility of being misunderstood is gnawing away at me every time a comment hits my inbox. London was an amazing, amazing time, full of memories I’ll keep with me forever. I have absolutely nothing against Europe or those who travel to it and love to, I want to more myself. I just simply do not like myself and others being made guilty that we had/have not been able to travel there, or make it our priority to, because you can lead a rich and wonderful life having not done that. I think most of you got that, but I just wanted to clarify. Now go watch the puppy cam because it’s too early to get this deep.

ps. something is wrong with my spam blocker so I pretty much get one spam comment every 15 minutes. Sorry if you click on one before I delete it! Working on it.
pps. stay tuned for a fun project announcement today and a weekend guest post tomorrow!