Friday Bits

Hello again, Andrea here! I’m happy to be back guest posting while Kate’s away on her trip to London. Here’s a bit of recent inspiration from all corners of the web:

1. Salad is not usually my first meal choice, but I’ve found one I love. It’s fast, cheap and delicious. Essentially it’s spinach tossed in a simple vinaigrette with a fried egg on top. This Martha Stewart recipe looks similar, although her version has potatoes.
2. Beautiful and cozy room styling by Rosie Brown, photographed by James Merrell.
3. I love the look of Kilim rugs, but they are often too colorful for my house. I found this muted version at an unexpected place!
4. A modern driftwood sculpture by Paint Square. Dreamy colors, guys.
5. Have I professed my love for Seattle artist Nealy Blau before? She photographs artificial nature, specifically dioramas in museums. They are stunning and bizarre. I might need to add her book to my coffee table.
6. Brown Rice Crispies topped with chocolate? Might be a relatively healthy cure for a constant sweet tooth.
7. Have you seen Moby’s Castle? Oh, come on! I bookmarked his New York apartment ages ago and was excited to see how he transformed this 1920’s Hollywood Hills Castle.
8. A stripey blazer for spring.
9. I like this postcard project by Seattle photographer, Sean Flanigan. Who doesn’t love getting art in the mail?

Happy weekend!