Friday Bits

1. Everything Muji touches is perfect, no? Muji meets Idée rooms, via Make It Easy.
2. Mini buns! Oh to have long hair again… I’m working on it! via Inattendu.
3. Inspired by mine, Erin made a hairpin leg desk with help from her dad, and it’s pretty much 150% cooler than mine because it has a SHELF. Well played, girl, well played.
4. Pretty much jumping up and down excited for Miranda July’s new film, The Future, as she is one of my heroes. I once stood behind her in line at Whole Foods and had a heart attack the whole time.
5. Rose is working on an awesome project called Small Works For Change, and is looking for artist donations that will be sold at the Brooklyn Flea on May 21st. Do it!
6. Jessica and Krista, two of the first bloggers I met when I moved to LA, just launched and GORGEOUS online magazine, Collected, and I cannot wait to pour over every page. The minimalist design makes me weak in the knees, big time. Congrats, ladies, I’m so proud of your hard work!!