Friday Bits

1. Leah Reena Goren’s block printed shirts are inspired by meat and they look delicious. via Alison.
2. I was recently saying on Twitter that it would be cool if there was a Google Street View fashion blog. And there is. Thank you Diana for digging this awesomeness up!
3. Beautiful bottled flowers by Makoto Azuma. via Land-Rich.
4. Not surprisingly, I love Anja’s post on her beauty ritual.
5. Kelly’s excellent San Francisco guide, combined with 800 other reasons, has me wishing I had properly saved up vacation days to drive up there this year! Someday.
6. Itty bitty kitty camera. Need I say more?

I’m short on words because my allergies (hay fever) are currently kicking my butt. I finally made an appointment with a nutritional therapist next week because I’ve run out of allergy meds to try! I’m up for trying a new approach. Has anyone done something like this for allergies? She said it will be a combination of diet change and herbal remedies.

Have a great weekend everyone!