Guest Series: Bits Of My Weekend with Alison Feldmann

My latest Bits Of My Weekend guest is the always inspiring Alison of Teenangster! Alison has my dream job working for Etsy, is a fellow cat lady, and always finds the most interesting things on her blog and the very best stuff on Etsy. I highly recommend you stalk her Etsy favorites for pocket-emptying opportunities. I can also attest to the fact that she is just as wonderful in person as she is online. I can totally get down with her weekend involving good food and cats.

Brunch spread

Self portrait
Don't give in
Third anniversary
"Where everybody knows your name..."

Sweet Dagmar
Creepy movie theater
Bug + JB

From Alison:

This was a weekend of party-time. My boyfriend Jeff and I celebrated our third anniversary with cocktails, photobooth documentation and an old school Italian feast in our neighborhood; lots of seafood was consumed, and the novelty of waiters in tuxedos was not lost on me!  Saturday was a gray day: perfect for movie watching and cat snuggling. I (finally) saw Bill Cunningham New York, and it really resonated with me. His approach to fashion is decidedly democratic — society matron, drag queens and secretaries on break are all fodder for his camera lens — and he’s never sold out. As he so poignantly said, “Seek beauty and you will find it.” After a quick disco nap, Jeff and I headed to whisky bar The Post Office for my friend Jaime’s birthday — a great excuse to drink up. (No photo documentation came out of this, unfortunately. Or fortunately, considering the sloppiness and the fact that we got caught in a downpour.) I ended the weekend with a tasty birthday brunch at Le Barricou with Jaime and friends, then mani/pedis — because we’re girly like that (my toenails are now purple, fingernails a sophisticated nude). A Bridesmaids viewing didn’t come to pass, but it’s gotta happen soon!