Shop Update Heads Up

June Shop Update

The next shop update will be this Sunday, June 5th, at 4pm PST/7PM EST. I tried to make it a bit later for some international customers who have been asking for a while now. I know it can’t make a time that works for everyone, but I’ll try to switch the times up a bit each update.

This update includes the debut of bracelets! A preview of everything, along with a reminder email, will be up on Saturday. I’m really excited about new colors this time around – much more fun and colorful than I usually make, just in time for summer. Another new thing is that I have to start charging a small fee for shipping. I’ve been shipping everything for free, no matter where it goes, for three years now, and postage has gone up a kajillion times since then. So, it’s time I start charging a little bit for shipping and handling. But don’t worry, it’ll be under $5 and no biggie.

Thanks, guys!