sweet ride

new bike
will's new bike
sweet ride

We finally took the plunge last week and ordered some cheap bikes from a site friends recommended. I didn’t want to spend too much in case it was another phase of mine that ended quickly (not sure if you’ve noticed this trait of mine…) but the bikes are actually pretty amazing for the price.

Will got his first because I hemmed and hawed over them not having the first choice colors I wanted in stock, and then finally settled on the last color they had, blue. Yesterday I watched the UPS tracking page obsessively, and then when it said delivered, panicked because it said it was delivered to another address! Will emailed me and said it never got here, but in actuality it was just a UPS website error and the bike really did arrive and he had it assembled in the bathroom when I got home. Fact about Will: he loves playing cute tricks on me and quickly realized in our relationship that I LOVE suprises. That boy…

We took them on a quick ride around the neighborhood last night (we don’t have locks or helmets yet) and it felt amazing, like we were kids again.