The Vintage Redux Contest

Hello friends! Today I’m announcing a pretty fun project that I’ve teamed up with some pretty rad ladies from online shop Fancy French Cologne and clothing line Vain & Vapid on. So in the support of “making it happen”, indie designers, and independent shop owners, I’m pleased to announce the Vintage Redux Contest!

The contest invites enthusiasts of vintage fashion to submit an image of their personal fashion icon—be it Jane Fonda a la 1963, or a photo of their own mother looking hot in the ’70s. The photo must feature a dress or top from 1930 – 1980 for a chance to win a recreation of their item, as re-imagined by NY designer Vain & Vapid. Two runners up will also win gift certificates for $50 to Fancy French Cologne, where a limited run of the winning item will be on sale at the end of the contest.

Vintage Redux Contest Rules

1. Email an image (jpg or tiff) of your vintage icon to

a. Indicate in your email what article of clothing you’re entering
b. Your entry must be a top or a dress
c. Entries should reflect vintage styles from the eras between 1930-1980
d. (optional) Let us know who she is! Is there a story or reason why you love her style or this particular item?
2. All entries must be received by Sunday, May 29th at 11:59 PM.
3. Post a comment below about your entry to share with everyone! (optional)
The Fine Print
1. If you win, you’ll get a recreation of your iconic item–made especially for you by NY-based designer Vain & Vapid! Two runners up will also win gift certificates for $50 to Fancy French Cologne.
2. Three finalists will be announced on Wednesday, June 1st, 2011.
3. Winners will be announced on Monday, June 6th, 2011.
1. The contest will be judged by Fancy French Cologne, For Me, For You and Vain and Vapid.
2. FFC, FMFY, and Vain + Vapid will choose 3 finalists. The 3 finalists will be posted on FMFY, and the readers of FMFY will choose the final winner.
Sounds pretty awesome, right? Enter away! Check back on June 1st for the finalists to vote on! Yay!