Vintage Redux Contest: Favorites So Far

The girls and I thought we’d share some of our favorite submissions so far to the Vintage Redux Contest to get you inspired and motivated! You still have a week left to enter, so head here for the rules and process again.

Clockwise from top left: Jean Seberg’s iconic dress in Breathless, submitted by Alicia. Katherine Hepburn, submitted by Raquel, who suggests that it would be perfect cut at tea length (agreed!). Dawn submitted this amazing photo of her mother, Dort, in 1955 with their adopted squirrel Petty (yes, you read that correctly. The. Best.) And finally, a beautiful Ellsworth Kelly dress that Marie submitted – the model has an uncanny resemblance to her mother.

ps. for those of you who have asked if you can re-post this using the imagery I’ve designed for the contest – absolutely! No need to ask for permission if you’re linking back. Thanks, guys.