Bits Of My Weekend

I hesitate to even type here because I fear I will lose this post the second it publishes (saved it this time on my desktop! ha), but I think I have most of the technical issues under control. The email addresses are still being wonky, so email my gmail if you have anything shop or sponsor related.

topanga canyon
break of dawn
eating view
dinner to myself
click on the photos for possibly more info – the top photo is admittedly not from this weekend but from a few weeks ago, hanging out on my Ikoflex.

Gah, I can’t even remember what I wrote about the weekend before my previous post was deleted, retyping it again makes my head hurt. So I’ll just let you look at the photos and say that I worked my ass off all weekend, only taking breaks at night for fun times that involved a bbq in Silverlake, and seeing The Hangover II, which made us laugh til we cried (totally underrated), and reading Mockingjay (I’m going to CRY when I finish this series!).

It’s really difficult to focus properly with my Ikoflex because the viewfinder is really battered and scratched, plus you have to be at least 4 feet away from anything, which is a lot of room for my style. But I still like the out of focus ones – there’s a soft warmth to them I love.