Bracelets + technical issues

Hey guys, I’m having some crazy domain problems today due to my host changing IP addresses and bla bla bla bla. So, you may have noticed that I lost some posts and that my shop is down right now (shop is back up!). I’m going to put the posts back up  tonight when I get home so ignore them in your rss readers if you’re seeing things like “preview of shop update tomorrow!” and “friday bits!” when it is most certainly (and sadly) Monday. In the midst of the shop going down, there are actually a couple of these fine fine bracelets left that you can secretly access by going to instead of the other domain. I’m actually surprised this colorway sold last because it was my favorite.

I think mercury is in retrograde just for me because I’ve had so many technical problems in various aspect of my life for the past week it’s not even funny!

Bits Of My Weekend will be here in all it’s glory tomorrow. That is if the film I dropped off to get developed doesn’t turn out blank, at the rate I’m going.

* It’s driving me crazy that this photo is blurry, but I didn’t notice until I was uploading it and I’m sans-camera til tomorrow. I’m done whining. I promise.