Friday Bits

1. everyeskimo’s shop is killing me lately with the vintage goodness. You can’t buy these plant stands as they’re reserved, but you can pine for them with me.
2. Miranda July models for Hansel From Basel’s latest collection. I mean, need I explain why this is amazing? Nope. via GGC.
3. Sometimes when I’m listening to Fleetwood Mac, I think about how Christine McVie’s talents are often overshadowed by everyone’s favorite gypsy girl. I think Rotter and Friends feels me on that.
4. Not that it’s warm enough yet here (learning all about June weather here), but… the perfect summer dress
5. …and the perfect summer sandals.
6. Wood & Faulk’s new Northwestern Series looks amazing, and Lisa Warninger‘s photos perfectly encapsulate that Northwestern feel. Look at that moss!
7. Iris Apfel’s apartment is truly a feast for the eyes. As if girlfriend wasn’t amazing enough to me already. via Miss Moss.
8. I can’t stop staring at this incredible photo by photographer Barry Underwood. via Alison.
9. Another fun voyeuristic look into other lives, is a peek behind the scenes with Portland artists.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend! I am sans digital camera this weekend because my new camera was delayed in shipment, so I – gasp! – won’t have Bits Of My Weekend on Monday! Luckily I was in the middle of shooting a roll of medium format film, so I’m crossing my fingers I can finish that up and get it developed on Monday in time for a Tuesday post. I will be so busy with the shop update on Sunday (don’t forget!) that I doubt any of the photos will be that thrilling anyway.