Friday Bits

1. Kinfolk looks pretty fantastic. Thumbs-up to more minimalism on the web.
2. Pretty jazzed about Warby Parker’s upcoming sunglasses collection!*
3. I love Genevieve’s DIY table, made for under $100.
4. More clog love.
5. I love this print by Otsuki Yuji.
6. Yarn wrapped around a wood block = an awesome stamp. In Christine Schmidt’s new book Print Workshop. Via Pennyweight.

*Warby Parker is a blog sponsor but this mention is 100% of my own free will because I really am jazzed!

Have a great, patience-filled weekend, everyone:) I need this weekend like nobody’s business. And I can’t wait to shoot weekend photos with my new camera!

ps. I have a summer music mix up over on K.I.D. Collective, perfect for the beach! I’ll just pretend that it will actually be warm enough to hang out on the beach this weekend, unlike some of you lucky ducks.