Friday Bits

Thank you for all of your well wishes for my wisdom teeth ordeal! I’m still recovering, if not feeling worse, but a lot of you have told me that day three is the turning point. Hoping to be better by tomorrow as it’s the first day Will and I have had off together in a while!

1. Julia’s amazing new Rennes collection is out now, and I this amazing bag is coming my way. So excited. I redesigned her website, so check it out, along with the incredible photos of the collection!
2. La Sardina 35 mm wide angle lomography camera. Looks awesome, takes awesome photos. via DesignWorkLife.
3. I think this dip-dye (or more like dip-bleach) sweatshirt would make the most awesome DIY project. via pennyweight (Elise is like my Pinterest hero, as you can tell from Friday Bits. Guilty as charged!)
4. Fantastic lettering by Simon Walker on grain edit. via susan.
5. The Shot That Nearly Killed Me. (Warning: not for the faint of heart, but riveting.) via Vic.
6. The most well designed pencil sharpener in all the land. Want.


  1. says

    I’m so into that sweatshirt, I’ve been planning a DIY and thrifted the perfect one, but after I started soaking it I realized that it wasn’t 100% cotton, so the bleach didn’t do anything to it. You’d think a classic Hanes sweatshirt would be cotton, but even some of the 70’s ones I’m finding are still cotton/poly blends. Just a heads-up to those who want to try it!

  2. says

    I’m supposed to be getting my wisdom teeth out sometime this year but the thought terrifies me! Despite being in pain, how horrible of an experience has it been compared to those worst-case-scenario horror stories everyone always talks about?

    Also, those Rennes bags are amazing and I really wish I didn’t already have 80 million bags and purses – the mini backpacks are adorable, too!

    • says

      I’m not going to lie to you Kim, this has been a pretty not awesome experience for me. However, I’ve always been a slow healer/huge wuss, and everyone else told me this would be no big deal, so don’t let my experience scare you too much!

  3. Stacey R says

    Great post Kate — it’s not often I can read a heart-wrenching photo essay on war photographers then look at the next item (the pencil sharpener) and realize that I watched it in the process of being designed by my friends at Free Time Industries! *emotional overload*

  4. says

    aren’t those photos amazing? i couldn’t stop reading when vic posted the link…my boyfriend was making dinner, so it probably wasn’t the best timing (me: “omigod is that a HAND?!” him: “i don’t want to know…we’re eating soon, ok?” haha), but they are all fantastic stories and amazing shots.

    additionally, that idea of reverse-dip-dying is awesome! i’d never really thought using bleach as a dye. shows how behind the times i am, heh.

  5. Ann says

    Excellent posting of the Guardian’s war photography piece. In the UK it was in a Saturday supplement magazine, so mixed up with funny/witty/everyday stuff, as you have done here also. Sobering. Thanks for bringing it to a wider audience.

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