Guest Series: Bits Of My Weekend with Kristen Heldmann

Today’s guest blogger and I go waaay back. I can’t remember exactly when Kristen and I met online, but it was definitely late highschool/early college, back in the glory days of livejournal. Oh good lord, the things this girl knows about me just from having access to my private livejournal. Embarrassing. Luckily we both grew older on the internet together and managed to stay in touch due to our mutual love of photography. Kristen takes incredible photos that have a beautiful Eggleston-like quality to them that are such a lovely look into her life with her husband and son in Portland, OR. I have one of her prints she sent me ages ago I can’t wait to hang in our new place. Thanks for sharing all this dreamy-ness with us, Kristen.

From Kristen: This was the first weekend of summer in Portland. This was the last weekend of my 31st year. In between naps and washing diapers, we visited my parents and visiting-sister downtown, and with little cousins, making sure they didn’t poke the baby too hard or that Calvin didn’t injure his already-broken arm to which he seemed oblivious. Greg fiddled with our vegetable garden while Dax carefully disassembled the last of the peonies. We watched a b-o-r-i-n-g (spelled out for little ears, shhh) episode of Yo Gabba Gabba, and an equally boring episode of Star Wars (a prequel, blah), children enthralled, adults with wine and homemade pizza in hand. Clella declared that she was 35 and called me by the wrong aunt’s name when necessary. At home, this was the very weekend that Dax mastered climbing on and off our bed (mattress on the floor), and to celebrate we went to bed before the sun went down (as usual).