Pizza Patience

I’ve been a lame blogger this week, so in exchange, I give you pizza. No one can deny the power of pizza. No one.

homemade pizza

If you want a lesson in patience, making homemade pizza crust is certainly a good place to start. We make a lot of homemade pizza, but I somewhat shamelessly admit that I use pretty gross store bought crust. I’ve always wanted to make it from scratch, but the planning ahead it requires is not in line with the few precious hours I have from the time I get home from work and go to bed. But the other night I made a super simple dinner and then got to work on the dough – which actually takes no time at all. Stick it in the fridge and then pull it out the next night to shape it out. You’re even supposed to pull it out 2 hours prior to baking it and I was like, are you kidding me? I’m not eating dinner at 10pm, dude. So I warmed it up in the oven for a hot minute and then got to work. And it was delicious – pizza life changing.

homemade pizza

I used this recipe from 101 cookbooks, using half whole wheat, half white flour. Mine doesn’t look anything like Heidi’s, but she has a pizza stone and what I’d assume is the ability to actually follow directions correctly and do that fancy pizza tossing thing. Whatever, still delicious. We made one with red sauce, Canadian bacon, pineapple, and fresh mozzarella. The other was pear, walnut, and Gorgonzola (I rub olive oil and balsamic vinegar on the crust first). Tips: I burnt the HELL out of my arm because you have to heat the oven as hot as it will get and put the pan on the floor of the oven, a treacherous feat for clumsy people*. Be careful! Also, watch that baby because it goes from not done to burnt in like, 1 minute.

* I knew I kept an aloe plant around for reasons other than them being the easiest plants on earth to take care of!