Weekly Music

I had my wisdom teeth removed this morning, and I’m just now coming around to feeling slightly human. Therefore I must blog, right? I was an idiot and ate breakfast when I woke up, because I misunderstood the nurse when she told me to not eat for 8 hours and I thought she said an hour. Therefore they couldn’t put me under all the way, but supplied me lots of glorious laughing gas a some very light sedation (I’ve never experienced either, whoa, amazing). I was somewhat lucid during the procedure, but remember hardly anything. Except having this song stuck in my head. Which I find pretty much hilarious. It’s also my dream karaoke song, fyi.

Ok, back to having Nurse William take care of me/laugh at my swollen face/enjoy me not being able to talk, eat some Vicodin, and watch Desperately Seeking Susan. Then I will have a dinner of ice cream and mashed potatoes. Not too shabby.