Bits Of My Weekend

friday pizza
no big deal
sea salt brownies
sea salt watermelon
one last Venice bbq
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So, I don’t know if my announcement properly explained this, but the reason my weekends aren’t too terribly exciting lately is that All. I. Do. Is. Work. I’ve been busting my ass working essentially two jobs so that I could leave my day job, taking on enough projects to test my sanity level, and I cannot wait for that to be over. I realize that freelancing means possibly working more and weird hours, but nothing is harder and weirder than ALL DAY EVERY DAY. But I did back off just slightly this weekend and manage to have a decent last weekend in Venice before the big move. We even lounged on the beach a little, rode our bikes during sunset to a place we’ve been meaning to go to since day one, had a bbq, and in typical Venice fashion, witnessed crazy town unfold before our fence all because of one very drunk homeless man.

Venice, I will miss you. Sometimes. Internet, I’m excited to share more than just photos of food I ate all weekend.