The guys behind my favorite flickr uploader, theGOOD uploadr, recently launched a pretty awesome way to turn your flickr collections into a simple, sleek portfolio with the launch of flickfolia. It’s perfect for me because photography isn’t my main line of work, so spending tons of money and time on a portfolio site for my photos when I already upload all my photos to flickr isn’t in the cards for me. Flickfolia pulls from your flickr collections and, bam, you have a site set up. Affordable and super easy to use, too. I highly recommend it!

I like how it looks pretty seamless with my newly face-lifted portfolio site, which is a little prelude to a new look coming to For Me, For You soon! Ohhhhh! The excitement! The suspense!

This post feels like awkward self promotion when I really just wanted to tell you how cool flickfolia is, so you can now go view dogs dancing to Boys II Men and we can all have a good laugh together. Ok, thanks.