Friday Bits

Hello July! Can I just tell you that June was a pretty awful, stressful month? I am so excited for it to be over and to start fresh with July. In other news, we’ve now lived in LA for six months! Dang, time flies.

1. I’m so excited that Illana Kohn is making clothing again! Her latest collection is small, simple, and perfect. I’m crying a little that I can’t buy this Kate dress right now.
2. I cannot wait to dip-dye some curtains for the new apartment. I’m thinking a cheap white pair from ikea, dipped in a dark grey, for the bedroom. Maybe, if I’m feeling adventurous, marigold. via simple lovely via litenbjoern
3. I’d love to stand amongst these solar powered sun boxes, emitting lovely notes in a field. Installation by Craig Colorusso.
4. Fourth of July, 1954. via even*cleveland
5. Afton’s recent road trip photos are in-sane. The colors in this photo of Zion are unreal.
6. Speaking of beautiful photos, Kim introduced me to photographer Parker Fitzgerald who has a similar Mamiya as mine, who also commented on my last post with tons of info on the camera (thank you!!). Whoa, if only mine will turn out half as incredible as these!

I am flying to Seattle tonight to hang out with my family for the long weekend – so posting will resume Wednesday. I get in incredibly late Tuesday night, so weekend bits may not come til Wednesday evening. At first I was nervous about taking time off from my life after the whole wisdom teeth thing derailing me for a week, but I’m realizing how much I need a few days to recharge, internet free! You gotta indulge sometimes. I hope you’re all doing something fun as well. I see a lot of pie in my future.