Friday Bits

I’m a busy bee this week, so let’s just get straight to the goods:

1. You could probably put sea salt on a paper bag and I’d gladly eat it I love it so much, but this recipe seems more appetizing. Honey? Thyme? Oh jeez Deb, you kill me again.
2. Speaking of delicious things, I REALLY want to try one of these jams/spreads from SQIRL. I think strawberry + rose sounds incredible, but really, they all do. The packaging and presentation is pretty fantastic as well. I spotted them in Bonnie’s post about Broome Street General Store, so now I definitely have to make a trip there once we move to the east side.
3. GIANT Japanese washi tape for your walls!
4. Pluto, an awesome typeface, is on sale for $40 for the entire family.
5. I spotted MQuan’s beautiful bells all over Pinterest this week – for good reasons, they are incredible.
6. I’ve become more of a scarf wearer in LA as they’re the perfect thing to throw on when the sun starts to set and it cools down, or these random gloomy mornings. I wouldn’t mind these stunner in my collection by milleneufcentquatrevingtquatre. via where the lovely things are.

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