Friday Bits

Thank you all so, so, so much for your wonderful comments on my freelancing announcement. I can’t tell you how much it pumped me up in the midst of a very stressful week, and quieted some of the fears rattling around in my brain. None of this would have been possible without this blog and everyone coming back here and supporting me over the years. I’m so grateful to have so many people rooting for me, so many of them practically strangers. I hope that this shift will mean that I get to spend a little more time on this blog and introduce more features. Next week I’m launching a redesign of the blog – which will come sometime mid-week (tried for Monday, but did you know that moving and quitting your job in the same week causes stress? Who knew!) and I couldn’t be more excited.


1. That hilarious McSweeney’s monologue “I’m Comic Sans, Asshole” was made into a stop motion video.
2. It’s a sign of a cool blog that two of my favorite ladies, Stephanie and Anabela, were both interviewed on the The Iceberg in the same week.
3. Is Route 66 Dead?, a beautiful looking Kickstarter project to produce a documentary about Route 66. Our drive across the country got me so interested in its history, so I hope they make their goal!
4. Heartbreaking, beautiful photos of the memorials in Oslo. via Anabela*
5. I LOVE this Society for Rational dress on Of a Kind. It comes with ties so you can turn it into a shirt, too.
6. Vic is putting together another photo project (a la Other People’s Houses and 1010 Project), but this time it’s open to the public! (photo by me of Vic)

*(I know, two mentions of her in one post. Crush!)

Have a wonderful weekend.