Making It Happen, For Reals


I used to tell people that I wouldn’t ever want to work for myself because I wasn’t a go-getter. The idea of freelancing made my former lazy self sink into the comfortable seat of my office chair and be very okay with the fact that maybe I wasn’t exactly at my dream job, and it wasn’t particularly that fulfilling to me when it came right down to it, but it allowed me to pursue my passions on the weekends while maintaining a steady, not too shabby paycheck, and work with lovely people who supported me. And for a long time, that was good enough for me.

When I was at home my mom and I were having a conversation about how I’m different from a lot of the people in my family, and she pointed out that it was because I was a go-getter, a quality she didn’t think all of them had. I was shocked – you think I’m a go-getter? Of course, she said. I think it was the best compliment she has ever given me, and while I don’t 100% agree with her, lately I’m trying to own up to that quality. To not take the comfortable route all the time, to not wait for opportunity to come my way, but to instead create it for myself.

Two weeks ago I put my notice in at my job of four years, and on August 1st, I will officially be working for myself full time – mostly on graphic design, but also on growing my jewelry business to have more frequent shop updates. The part of me that doubts my go-getter qualities is terrified, but the part of me that believes and trusts in my creativity and resourcefulness is really effing excited. There are definitely things I will miss, and my fellow freelancing friends that I’ve consulted for advice have given me plenty of things to consider.

There are way too many things on my mind right now that I want to share, and too many people to thank for making this possible, but I’ll leave it at this for now: here’s to the future. If you have any design projects in mind for the coming months, get in touch! As for For Me, For You? Expect a re-vamped design very soon – because August is all about new things for me. A new apartment/neighborhood and a new job. A new me. A pajama wearing, Cheddar Bunny eating me.