Bits Of My Weekend

work area
table makin'
neighborhood cat

Moving weekend. My brain and body hurt like, whoa. The new place is amazing, we (including Wendy, who is so good at moving) are so excited about being here. And so, so tired. I cleaned the old apartment for SIX hours on Saturday. I will never have an all-white apartment again, especially near a beach (sand! every! where!). We are not messy people and only lived their for seven months! How do the Swedish make it look so effortless? Ha.

I’m nervous and pumped about my first week as a freelancer. Being in a new apartment that I’m constantly tempted to work on fixing up is hard! My coworkers gave me a lovely send-off on Friday and I worry about keeping up with human interaction throughout the week. I need to force myself to go work elsewhere on my laptop now and then and meet up with people for lunch. It’s a whole new world…