Bits Of My Weekend

plant nook
stupendously comfortable
chai time
a trim
pinata fillin'
dog stalker
sweet dog

plant nook | a comfy spot | homemade chai from my step mom | bang trim | bookshelf | a picnic in Elysian Park

Someone told me that freelancing would change the weekends for me, and it’s so true. Even though I’d been busy doing freelance on the weekends before, the lines between week and weekend mean nothing to me right now. I went to a lovely picnic on Sunday put on by wonderful internet people, and talked to other freelancers who said that you were always in work mode because you just can be. You can just stop working and go do something, and then randomly at night pick up where you left off. You don’t leave work at the office because everywhere is your office. I can see the pros and cons. I’d heard about this a lot and it’s interesting to actually experience it.

I would love to meet up with more freelancers in LA. It felt so great to talk to people on Sunday and realize what good advice and support is out there.

But despite the always-on mentality, I did slow down this weekend a bit and had a good time. Being on the east side is proving to be pretty great, being closer to friends. I also baked the world’s most amazing cookies after being gifted the world’s most amazing recipe, and I can’t wait to share it with you guys.

(I decided to start semi-describing photos in my posts now because clicking on the photos for more info on flickr is just not everyone’s thing.)