Bits Of My Weekend

pool dip
dog blur
new york style
soda fun
good friends
little gibson tuck
a good gum rub
korean short ribs
asian feast
a neighborhood walk | first swim of the summer | dog blur | that California light | lemon tree | NYC-style pizza | retro soda | a wonderful gift | a little gibson tuck | a good face rub | an Asian feast with good friends

This weekend I felt the inspiration and creativity that had been drained from me in the past year flood back into me. I’m not sure exactly what caused it as there’s been so much change lately in my life, but everything feels like it’s settling into such a good place, and that feels amazing. I may be a few bucks shorter, but necessary resourcefulness makes me feel accomplished. It also felt like the first real weekend of summer to me, with a pool dip and a night of eating a feast under the stars with friends.



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    Isn’t that the greatest feeling, when you get your creative force back? Especially when it’s unexpected. I feel like I’m the verge of that myself, and I’m trying to induce it, sort of like labor :-)

  2. says

    i have been lusting after that scarf! lucky you, getting it as a giftie. :)

    and where on earth can i find that leninade?! it looks AMAZING. (if only for the title alone…) glad you had a yummy weekend…that food looks delicious.

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    ahh, what a nice logo! & you are making me crave short ribs!!! i like how the person holding the mountain of ribs is also holding a little piece for herself with her two fingers! :)

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    it looks like an amazing weekend…and the gibson tuck is awesome!!

    you know having to be resourceful always sort of fires up my creativity and gets me inspired. i think those two go hand in hand!

    so glad you’re feeling your mojo again lady!


  5. says

    Oh my goodness, can you please share the recipe for the food in this post? It looks absolutely mouth watering, and I really want to cook it for myself!

  6. says

    What a gorgeous scarf!
    It’s not a great feeling when you’re not feeling the creativity “flow” within you. Glad it was just temporary and that’s back again!

  7. says

    Oooh love your new redesign – saw it all tiny on Bloglovin and couldn’t wait to see it in full. Also loving the colors in that scarf and your pretty hair!

  8. says

    Kate, your redesign is so beautiful! I love the new colors and the fancy-shmancy new logo. I know what you mean about getting your creativity back, mine has slowly come back this month and it feels so good.

    Your new scarf is stunning! What a nice send-off from your former co-workers. Thanks for passing on the Gibson tutorial, I really liked her cute video. The style is so pretty on you.

    Leninade makes me giggle.

  9. says

    daaayum, girl! your blog is smokin’, your hair looks adorable, that scarf looks ridiculously awesome on you! things are lookin’ SO good in your neck of the woods!

  10. says

    Whoa…hello redesign. Nice!
    p.s. I used to wear my hair like this ALL the time when it was long. I thought I just made it up as a way to wear my hair up (not in a ponytail) What was key for me it that since my hair is so fine it actually stayed up since I just pinned the bobby’s into the hair and pony. Gosh, I’m always wordy over here. Sorry.

  11. Sandy says

    Looks like you not only had great weather but a great and productive weekend as well. The food looks particularly delish! :) And those glass soda bottles are classic!

  12. Josh says

    As a Korean I can attest to the effing goodness of Korean short ribs. I’m glad you got to experience some, assuming you hadn’t before!


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